Dyes And Pigments Intermediates


Dyes and Pigments Intermediates

We are offering dyes and pigments intermediates; our company is the famous manufacturer, suppliers and exporters of chemicals of all industries. Service from us best quality of chemicals. Customers can advantage these chemicals at industry best prices from us.

We are familiar for supplying intermediates for high performance pigments and specialty dyes.

2:3 Dichloro 1:4 Naphthoquinone (Dichlone)  117-80-6 Dithianone & Catalyst in 3,3 DCB, OD Base,etc.
Ortho Dianisidine Base (Fast Blue B Base) – Textile Grade  119-90-4 Textile Dyes
Dianisidine di HCl – Pigment Grade 119-90-4 Pigment Orange 14, 16, 63; Blue 25, 26 & Red 37, 41, 42
2-2′, 5-5′ Tetrachlorobenzidine (TCB) 15721-02-5 Pigment Yellow 81
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